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YES 104

OK i am now down to 104 yay for  me. Only 4 more lbs till i reach my STGW 100 woo hooo...if only i can lose the lbs. befor sep 7th whe i go back to school...i hope i hope i hope...any tips/tricks advice???? yea im diffinatly open to advice and stuff ....i thnik i should post more often i get respnces and eveyone is so helpful adn nice in all of the communities i belong to THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  It truly helps! GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE <333  i can't wait till i get down to 100 yay yaya ya y im overly happy b/c i was stuck at 108-105 for such a dreadfully long time! so yay ok any who here are some pics ...

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